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About MIG

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MIG’s mission is to advance appropriate legislation, regulation, and implementation of Colorado’s licensing and regulatory program.  We believe in safe access to clean products for Colorado’s patients, residents, and visitors.  Colorado’s program has become the example for all other regulated cannabis states, and MIG works directly with policymakers to ensure that Colorado’s program is fair, tightly regulated, safe, and successful.  MIG also hosts events and fundraisers to build bridges among our members, prospective members, and other partners of the industry.  We are also working to build strong relationships with our neighbors in the areas where we live and work.

4 Pillars of Membership

Strategic Partners

Advocating for the Colorado Cannabis Industry Since 2010


  • Defeated all potency caps and product prohibitions
  • Killed all marijuana tax increases
  • Fixed heavy metals issue
  • Obtained $2M in funding for CDOT


  • All cannabis companies declared essential during COVID-19 pandemic
  • Reduced MIG dues for minority business owners
  • Lobbied for $5M social equity program


  • Delivery and hospitality licenses created
  • MIG pushes to harmonize medical and recreational marijuana codes
  • PSA campaigns for safe handling best practices and to reduce illegal public consumption
  • MIG supports marijuana affordable housing tax in Denver
  • MIG hosts Turn Over a New Leaf expungement clinic
  • Colorado adds Autism Spectrum to qualifying conditions for medical marijuana
  • MIG lobbies to continue and improve Colorado's Medical and Retail Marijuana through 2028
  • Publicly traded companies allowed


  • Added recycling of plant matter. Created R&D licenses
  • PSA campaign promoting responsible consumption: Start Low Go Slow
  • MIG helps pass social consumption and publicly traded companies, but the bills are vetoed


  • MIG launches world's first industry-initiated PSA campaign
  • Successfully lobbied Denver City Council to expand hours of operation to 10pm
  • MIG and CDOT collaborate on public awareness campaign to reduce impaired driving
  • Advocate for social consumption in Denver i300
  • Fixed the state's improper AMR calculation via business efficiency bill
  • Colorado adds PTSD to qualifying conditions for medical marijuana


  • MIG raises money and fights potency ban & Pueblo ban, ensuring MJ's future
  • MIG successfully lobbies Denver City Council to save 45 pending marijuana business applications
  • MIG Executive Director appointed to Colorado Task Force on Drunk and Impaired Driving


  • 23 cannabis bills pass in legislature, including Jack's Amendment to the Caregiver Bill, giving schools permission to develop policies regarding the use of medical marijuana on school grounds


  • 1st recreational sales - MIG works with state & locals to prepare
  • MIG supports SB-14-155 to allocate $10 Million to study the medical health effects of cannabis


  • Amendment 64 passes legalizing MJ for adults for the first time in the world
  • MIG works with the Department of Revenue to create rules for recreational regulatory system including inventory tracking, security, public safety, and advertising
  • MIG supports Proposition AA to tax retail marijuana and create a strong and well-funded regulatory system, along with funding for education, prevention, treatment, and other safety issues that may arise


  • MIG leads the charge for refinement of state/local laws


  • MIG drafts HB-1284, the world's first legal medical marijuana laws
  • MIG partners with CDOT to display impaired driving prevention posters in Colorado dispensaries


  • MIG is born as Medical Marijuana Industry Group